…drop the needle

...drop the needle

it’s hard to believe that for a lot of us & for many many years the beautiful sounds that we heard and danced to at school, partied to, had sex to… most of it came off plastic that a needle tore around.
now we listen to music that is composed of 1’s and 0’s… most of it muted – less powerful than that crackle and wobble of a record spinning and taking us with it on its circular journey.
the best sound we ever felt and lived to, was a sensitive diamond dragging on plastic.  a physical tearing sound that got more physical and sensual as it was amplified and thrown out of a speaker. a first kiss, a first joint, a first beer, a first f*ck – all to the sounds of carbon tearing around plastic.
those of us that got to experience that sound, and feel the excitement of coming home from the record shop with a brand new album, well, we are lucky. go dig out those gems and enjoy.